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Contraception for men

Hormone-free. Safe. Sustainable.


ConMaCept is our contraceptive product for men. It provides contraceptive protection for an entire month after only one application.

The main advantage over conventional contraceptive methods is the combination of the following properties:

  • Safety (contraception and side effects)
  • Hormone free
  • Sustainable
  • Controllability of the application
  • Low cost


SpermView ist ein Diagnostikgerät, das zur Mobilitätsanalyse der Spermien vom Mann eingesetzt werden kann.
A percentage of motile sperm is determined.
The main advantage over conventional
spermieograms is that an analysis can be performed at home:

  • Security (analysis in our app)
  • Controllability of the application
  • Low costs during use
  • Applicable at home

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Praise & criticism of the market analysis

Cool concept, am curious to see more
Am very excited about the idea, thank you
Good luck people
Great idea
My only concern would be long term effects on sperm activity
Great idea! Please implement 🙂 It would be nice if you can test the device first before you buy it completely. For example, a one-time treatment in the lab or with a doctor
I would think about using it when studies have proven the safety of the procedure
Great project. I ask for quick completion. I had already thought of a mechanical valve in the vas deferens. I also find this super
My only concern would be long term effects on sperm activity
It would be important to me that the product is sufficiently tested and really does not cause any damage to the sperm quality of men in the long term.
Yes - when I read about the concept, I just thought: MEGA. Really great thing!
I must be 100% sure that the sperm can move as well as before after discontinuing the application!


2013-2016 Idea
2017 Prototype I
2018 Prototype II
2019 GmbH foundation
2020 SpermView I
2021 SW + HW Update
2022 SepermView II
2023 Investoren
2024 Publication
2025 clinical studies
Q3 2025 ConMaCept usable at the doctor's office
2026 ConMaCept private use
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