In November 2020, we launched a survey on the topic of contraception. This has since been completed by over 925 respondents.

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Selected results:

Survey Participants:

Contraceptive methods:

"Most participants use hormonal contraception or condoms."

A combination was also possible as an answer.

Respondents search for alternative contraceptive methods:

„Mehr als jeder Zweite sucht aktuell nach neuen Verhütungsmethoden.“

The "blue group" is actively looking for alternative contraceptive methods, the "red group" is satisfied with their contraceptive method.

Sustainability of contraception:

"More than 50% of respondents ranked contraceptive sustainability as at least important."

"Blue" respondents did not care about the sustainability of contraception, "purple" respondents cared a lot.

Hormone-free contraception:

"More than 75% of respondents want hormone-free contraception."

"Blue" respondents found hormone-free contraception unimportant, "purple" very important.

Prevents man or woman:

"In relationships, women predominantly use contraception, with some men also taking responsibility."


Men want active contraception:

"A very high proportion of men would like to be in charge when it comes to contraception as soon as the opportunity presents itself."


Would you use contraception with ConMaCept:

"As of now, over 80% of respondents would already like to use ConMaCept as a contraceptive method."

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